About: Blooming In the Rough

You know that painting that's hanging in your grandma's house?  The one that's been there since before you were born?  You see it in the background of pictures that were taken when your parents were little.  It's just a painting, but to you it's a part of something more.  It represents your childhood, eating cookies on the floor while watching cartoons that mom wouldn't let you watch.  It reminds you of simpler times, carefree days, and so much love squeezed into every hug you couldn't breathe.  That's what you see when you see that painting.  

Do you remember your first home?  You know, that tiny little apartment with the leak and room for a bed?  The one with bare walls because you couldn't afford picture frames?  Until the day you finally found the perfect art piece.  You had a little extra money and knew it was time to add some life to that apartment.  You hang up the canvas, the crowning jewel of the room.  It makes it come to life, pulling together the colors of every thrift store item you hand picked.  And that painting sits above your bed through every fight, every holiday, every memory.  And when it's time to move on and you're packing through tears, excited for the change but sad to leave your first place together, you'll hang the same painting in your next house.  It will be a reminder of the places you've been and the dreams to come.  Someday when you see that painting you'll remember the hard times, the holidays, the pizza on the floor dates, and you'll smile.  

Art affects people.  And that's just what Blooming In the Rough aims to do: affect people through art.  To brighten and beautify your lifestyle by adding little (or big) splashes of color and life on the walls you pass each day.  Your walls might be in your dream home in California, a freshly painted nursery, an old church where you married the love of your life.  Or the walls of your life might be in an assisted living home, or a cancer treatment  center.  

By donating to Blooming In the Rough you add life and color to the walls of someone in one of those situations.  From the walls of your dream home you can bring a smile to the face of someone within the walls of a rest home who's life might be a little dreary.  If you don't have money to donate but still want to help, every 3 coloring books purchased buys a book for a cancer patient.  And every 3 prints purchased buys a print for a patient in an assisted living home.  

Bloom where you’re planted
— Mary Engelbreit

Blooming In the Rough means just that - I believe you can bloom where you're planted, even if it's a rough patch.

Photography, portrait of artist standing with easel.
A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it, it just blooms.
— Zen Shin

About the artist:

Hi, I'm Hannah Ferris, and I'm the artist here at Blooming In the Rough.  I'm 21 years old, living in Chicago with the love of my life, Gavin.  We are originally from California where we hope to return and plant a church once he is finished with school at Moody Bible Institute.  

Blooming In the Rough started as a hobby.  A friend and I would get together and draw or paint, and after a while I decided I wanted to do something with my art.  After researching and spending more than a year trying to figure out what the heck I was doing, I realized I could really make a difference with this art.  

During my time researching about my coloring book I learned that coloring was a great way to relax and find a little joy in the day.  Spending some quiet time meditating and making something colorful and beautiful was something that I knew anyone could have access to.  Coloring is so easy, and who needs a little joy more than someone who spends their days in a hospital?

Around the same time my husband started an internship at our church, and one of his jobs was to host a service after the service at an assisted living home.  The people there were so incredibly sweet and were so very lonely.  That's when I had the idea of donating prints.  Flowers and gifts make people smile, so why not give the gift of flowers that won't die?  A great reminder to those people that they are loved and aren't forgotten. 

Since then I have started donating coloring books to cancer treatment centers, and prints to assisted living homes.  I love blessing others through my art, I also love helping others be able to do the same thing.  I will continue to make tutorials on making art and editing your art so that you can do the same.  I hope you will visit those tutorials, donate, or subscribe to stay in touch.  

Thank you!