7 steps to making a repeating pattern on Photoshop


In this course you can use any number of these steps to make countless patterns, comic strips, logos, or simply edit and clean up your art, and sell them again and again.  

You need Photshop to make your art stand out in the over-saturated world of art. People everywhere online  are selling art on mugs, t-shirts, journals... you name it!  With the right tools *ehem Photoshop ehem* you can keep up with the trending art world and have great pieces that stand out.

Because who wants a blurry, smudgy, picture on a mug with a white background?  Who wants to wear that on a t-shirt?  Not me, and when I saw my first upload come up on the screen, that was my first thought.  

I wanted to make things people wanted to buy.  No brainer, right?  Well I'm here to show you the methods I've used to do just that.  In this course I'll teach you how to go from sketch to product in 7 steps.

  1. Sketch
  2. Scan
  3. Make it transparent
  4. Clipart and Clean up
  5. Color
  6. Arrange
  7. Export

The curriculum is divided into 7 parts with short videos in each.  I get straight to the point because I want you to be able to use these tools ASAP.

Plus I'm adding three bonuses to the course.

  1. Editing colorful art (art that doesn't get colored digitally)
  2. How to make a logo from the things you'll learn above
  3. How to save a PDF

The steps I share in this course can be used to make patterns for fabric, make clip art, make logos and graphics, you could even edit a comic book or e-book.  You can make content upgrades and add the printable PDF to your email opt-in.