Sunflower Tutorial

This post will be all about drawing my favorite: sunflowers!  

I've also made this free printable break down of the steps so that you can quickly see how to draw an easy sunflower, or teach someone else how!


Warning:  This is easy meaning I really think anyone can do it.  However, this takes time and there are quite a few steps.  I think it’s worth it because you will feel so good about what you create.  Let’s get right to it!


First draw two circles.  One inside the other like this picture.  As you can see, it doesnt’t have to be perfectly round.  That’s what I love about the sunflower drawing.  It’s so easy because imperfections make it look more natural!

Next comes the petals.  Start by drawing a few randomly around the middle.  Use the circles as a guide to how large to make the petals.  Again, imperfections are great!  I like to make a variation in petals like these.

Now you are going to fill in the rest of the petals layered behind these first few petals you made.  This will give it a layered look so your petals won’t be all lined up in a row.  Remember to make variations in the petals and don’t erase imperfections unless you have to.  

See how weird some of mine look up close?  That’s good!  It’s good to have a few random gaps, don’t fill in everything.  It’s also good to have some places look a little more full than others and to have a few petals smaller than all the rest.

Now for the middle!  You’re going to draw another ring around the middle of the sunflower like this.

Now take out your pen.  I know it is nerve wracking to do this without guidance but you are going to fill in the middle with pen with lots and lots of dots.  This doesn’t take as long as you’re probably thinking and it’s so worth it!  Start by outlining the rings with dots like this.

Now what I like to do is go in sections.  This makes me feel less overwhelmed and makes it all consistent.  So I do sections based on the petals like this.

You’re just going to go all the way around like that.  It should look something like this when you’re done.

I won’t blame you if your hand needs a break after all those dots, we aren’t even done with them yet.  I’ll wait here until you’re done…

...Done?  Great!  Next step.

Okay so now that all the dots are filled in you’re going to draw another circle in the middle.  It should make a thin circle in the middle.  Now you are going to fill that in with dots but make it a lot darker than the rest of the dot filled parts.  You do this simply by adding more dots!

Now you’re going to fill in the middle completely with dots.  Don’t worry we are almost done with the dots.

Now go around and just add random dots wherever you think it looks too perfect or sparse.  I like to make the edges of the petals darker around the base with the dots.  You should have something like this when you’re done.

Finally, we are done with the dots!  Now trace over all the petals that you drew in pencil.

Now for my favorite part!  The thing that really makes it come alive… adding detail to the petals!  Okay so what you’re going to do it add one or two lines (decide at random) from the bottom of the petal up.  Just do a short stroke, don’t go all the way to the top.  

Now do the same exact thing but do it from the tips of the petals down.

There you go!  Looking good!  Now for the hardest part of the whole thing… waiting to erase!  Don’t erase it yet because there could be ink spots that will smudge if you don’t let it dry.  Just wait a few hours.  When it’s finally done though you can add some leaves if you’d like, maybe color it and ta-daaa!  Beautiful frame-worthy art!

If you enjoyed this please send a picture my way, or tag me on instagram I would love love love to see your art work!

Thanks for sticking with it to the end.  And don't forget to grab your free printable!

Margaret Sunflower Example

Emma's flower that she made from this art tutorial and shared on Instagram!  And a picture I received from Margaret of her sunflower picture!  Thank you both and I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.