Lily Tutorial

Today's post is going to be walking you through drawing a lily.  This is an easy, beginner level drawing that will take minutes and look great!

Before we get started I've made a simplified walk through as a printable.  You can print this off and keep it as a way to remember the basics for this drawing, or you can use it to teach someone else how to draw it when you're done.

Start by drawing a circle and marking an X in the center.

Next you'll draw lines to split up the circle in 6 sections like this:

Each of those lines is going to be a marker for a petal.  Make sure you overlap them and make them slightly different sizes so that it doesn't look too perfect.  

Then add one or two lines at the base of each petal to make creases.

Now do the same thing on the tips of the petals.

Now you're going to add the "anthers" or pollen covered part.  They will look like this:

Now add five or six of those, going in different directions and slightly different lengths, to the center of the lily.

You can now go over the pencil in your pen.

Don't forget to let your ink dry before you erase the lines, or you'll get smudges like I did here.

Now just add a few random dots on each petal and you're done!

If you enjoyed this please send a picture my way, or tag me on instagram I would love love love to see your art work!

And don't forget to grab your free printable!