Sea Creature Art Series Update

I haven't posted in a while.  I've been a little overwhelmed with work lately and my art and blog got pushed to the back burner.  I still want to pursue finishing my course and coloring book but right now I am preparing for the next art festival and doing commission pieces.  

The sea creature art series is something that I may sell early, not sure yet, but I am definitely going to bring all the pieces to the art festival in the summer.  Here is my progress on them so far.

Here is my Octopus Piece.  It is pen and watercolor on 9 x 15 watercolor paper.

Octopus Mandala Art

Next is the Orca in the same medium.  I use watercolor pencils and a water brush pen.

Orca Mandala Art

Next is the Sea Horse also in the same medium.

Sea Horse Mandala Art

This one is another whale but this is a commission piece that will not be shown with the rest of the set because it was already purchased.

Gray Whale Mandala Art

And finally, as far as finished pieces go, here is my Sea Turtle.  This one was done with sharpies and watercolor on canvas and is 30' x 40'.  It took around 20 hours to do this one. 

Sea Turtle Mandala Art

And now I am working on another canvas piece of Jelly Fish.  It will be solid mandalas in the background and then I am going to paint around the jelly fish to make it look like they are transparent. 

Jelly Fish Mandala Art

Thanks for checking out my art.  Let me know what you think in the comments below!