Sea Creature Art Series

Hey everyone!  I am working on a new sea creature art series and just wanted to give you all a behind the scenes look at what I'm doing.  I'm posting updates on Facebook and Instagram if you want to see more. 

Right now this is all in black and white but I plan to add watercolor once I'm done with all of them.  Here they are!

First the piece that got me started on this set.  I don't even remember where the idea came from but I liked it and thought I should try some others as well.

I apologize in advance for all the crazy lighting going on in these pictures!  It's hard taking progress pictures when you're a night person.

Next is the seahorse.  It is by far everyone's favorite.  I am really surprised I got through it!  There was so much detail and I get bored easily, haha!

I LOVE taking pictures of each step and then looking back at where I started, or seeing what random places I jumped around to.  I honestly have no idea where I am going with these mandala design... things.  I just make it up as I go so it's really fun seeing each step next to each other!

Next is the octopus.  I decided to change things up and make the outline of the octopus the designs instead of filling it in with the designs.  My hand is regretting it now.  This is taking even longer than the seahorse!  I am not quite done with it but here's what I've got so far.

No!  Dropped the pen.  It's fixable though!

I've got a jellyfish in the works right now but there isn't much to see yet.  I am also thinking of doing a dolphin and a shark.  What do you think I should do?

Sea horse mandala drawing by Hannah Ferris.  More sea creatures on the website.
Orca mandala design by Hannah Ferris.  More sea creatures on the website.