Blooming In the Rough is an art business that seeks to brighten and beautify the lifestyles of others. 

How do we do that? 

Art can be a powerful tool for adding beauty and happiness to your every day life, whether it be through viewing art, getting creative with a coloring book, or learning new artistic skills.  This is a place people can come to find those things.  Enjoy!


Add beauty to your everyday life from our shop with relaxing floral designs, learn how to make easy art a part of your routine with our coloring book, or use our tutorials to take your art to the next level and find a creative outlet that will add beauty and relaxation to your life.

Stop & Smell the Roses

Get tools for rest and relaxation through my FREE email challenge!  You'll get 5 free printable coloring pages from my coloring book Stop & Smell the Roses.  If you want the full coloring book, join the challenge, then download the full coloring book below!

Downloadable Coloring Book Printable!

And don't forget your coloring book journal to go with your challenge!


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